Discover solutions hidden in your own body and spirit, with the practice of reiki, reflexology, crystal healing, archangelic reiki, in the experienced hands of Breathe In Your Life and Anastasia Tranaka. We will help you find ways to feel the positivity that lies in your own body and waits to be discovered and activated. Breathe In Your Life – Positive Energy for a life full of positivity!



Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that applies the simple and natural touch of the hands onthe body, in order to transmit positive energy



Reflexology has been the natural ability for self-healing as we activated the whole organism and provided homeostasis to our
organic system



In dynamic visioning we use our will, where the magic is, to make the changes we want! Only the law of attraction without the will is not possible!


Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is the use of crystals for therapeutic purposes and is an ancient form of healing.